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Name: Anthony Lawand

Chief Public Relations & Marketing Officer
CSGA Business Profile

Mr. Tony Lawand is currently an advisor and member of several international corporations. He has over thirty years of professional experience and numerous successful ventures with travel, real estate, energy, media, distribution, retail industries and more.

Focusing now in Media as an On-Camera Host, Published Journalist and Major Event Specialist, covering Events and Shows within North America specializing in Technology, Cannabis, Fashion/Film and especially seeking Disrupters for One On One Interviews. Mr. Lawand’s keen ability to communicate and understand in no less than four languages has positioned him in foreign markets and Global understanding, including Russia, Middle East, Africa, Asia and most parts of Europe.

1994 Being stationed in South Africa during the precarious Mandela Election Era proved to be a 2 yr “eye opening” and experience never forgotten. To see this historical event firsthand was an experience forever embedded in anyone’s soul.

In the early to mid 90’s he ventured to the newly “democratized” Russia where he created one of the first Travel (Foreign Owned) related businesses as it was unfolding (The Wild West would be a gross understatement) and emerging to the world. Spending over 15 Years in the midst of St Petersburg and establishing satellites throughout Russia. Meeting and establishing business relationships and navigating Government bigwigs, emerging Oligarchs, Federal and State Officers and the political bureaucracy that would have made any normal person run, it was a very successful endeavor and relationships that were made stand up till today.

During this period of late 80’s to late early 2000 the home base was the beautiful Island of Tenerife in Spain where Sun, Sand and Tourism bloomed but also included a wild rollercoaster of events.

2015 was a magnet to his country of birth and settling in Toronto to blindly entering the precocious and developing Cannabis industry and a more non-conventional and inexperience in this field, but emerging as being the pioneer of one of Canada’s first and largest CBD companies, later sold to a large IPO. Not before, he created and manufactured over 20 products in 2016 manufacturing/distributing to the vast majority of the country, including the first-ever line of Pet CBD in Canada. Against obstacles and odds successfully opening the doors what would become a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s no wonder he has adopted the notorious title of “The Godfather of CBD in Canada”.

Like many other entrepreneurs, 2020 was a time to change and adapt to new opportunities around COVID 19. NET ZERO GROUP was involved early in efforts to leverage our global network to mobilize around PPE. NZG Corp quickly built supply chain resources for sourcing certified and federally authorized medical supplies for healthcare organizations experiencing critical mass shortages everywhere.

Currently the focus has shifted to FinTech and the Multi-Trillion dollar Crypto and Meta-verse World. Tony is a Media Producer/Correspondent with Innerface & One World Media Groups, Writing features and the Tech Editor of the oldest and most awarded publication in Canada, High Canada Magazine

Mr. Lawand has strategically aligned several Domestic and Global Corporations to bridge gaps and usher in this exciting new world unfolding before our eyes currently. I have been in sales and marketing over 40 years worldwide in a variety of categories, I have owned, managed and trained thousands of sales and marketing professionals with a very high success rate and can ALWAYS think and create “out the box” new ideas and scenarios, expertise in bridging gaps between industries and driving strategic alignments has been instrumental in fostering advancements in these dynamic fields. On-camera as a host and journalist gave me camera and media presence and experience. I have done dozens of host events in the tech, fashion-film, and cannabis sectors. Sales has and always will be my strongest suit and for on camera work this is extremely natural and an easy fit.

For media, technology, or cannabis-related inquiries, please reach out or visit Mr. Lawand’s professional links:


Knowledgeable in several languages. Spanish/French/Russian/Arabic (Non-Fluency)

Fintech Specialist as an on-camera Media Host, Expo & conference Coverages within Technology, Cannabis, Fashion-Film, Crypto/Web3

Published Writer/Host/Journalist for High Canada Magazine: Bridging the gap of Cannabis and Tech

Extreme Experience over 15 years Expo/Conference/Events within the above Genres.

Global Business Entrepreneur experience in Russia, South Africa, Europe and North America