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Name: Dr. Frumi Barr

Position: Chief Scaling Officer

CSGA Business Profile
Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr - Founder of Barr Business School

Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr is a seasoned entrepreneur with a distinguished track record, having founded and managed five entrepreneurial ventures before dedicating herself to guiding CEOs and their teams to Scale Up. As the founder of the Barr Business School, Dr. Frumi has established an educational hub where practical online education converges with the essential service providers entrepreneurs and leaders need to succeed. The mission of BBS is to transform the grim statistic that 90% of businesses fail.

Her Who: Dr. Frumi collaborates with creative, ambitious CEOs and entrepreneurs who aim to grow their businesses, ensuring they achieve more freedom and cultivate a fabulous culture.

Her How: Dr. Frumi partners with companies of all sizes to Scale Up by creating greater alignment, effectiveness, and accountability. She emphasizes building a strong culture first, providing a foundation for sound decision-making in areas such as Vision, Culture, Strategy, Metrics, Execution, Cash, and Data Management. By utilizing practical tools, she helps businesses achieve higher revenue and profitability, along with enhanced collaboration and accountability.

Authorship: Dr. Frumi is the author of "A CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success," a book that was ranked as the top business book of 2012 by ExecRank and includes a forward by her colleague Simon Sinek, the international best-selling author of "Start with Why."

Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr's commitment to excellence and her vast experience make her an invaluable asset to the Cyber Security Global Alliance and to the broader business community.