CSGA Corporate Biography's

Name: James Castle

Chairperson & Founder
CSGA Business Profile

James Castle is the Chairperson and Founder of Cyber Security Global Alliance. Cyber Security Global Alliance was co-founded by James Castle and a specialized team of defense experts from Canada and the United States. Terranova Defense NFP is a registered Canadian non-profit membership-based non-governmental organization founded on April 13th, 2021. Cyber Security Global Alliance having surpassed its 3rd anniversary has over 50 board members from 21 countries globally with 50% of its team being women.

Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA) is a Global Leader in Cybersecurity, Awareness, Education, Mentorship, and Certification. CSGA is known to be the largest cybersecurity defense hub in the world today. CSGA has been named as the fastest growing non-profit by LinkedIn Corporate.

Additionally, James Castle is the CEO and Chief Security Officer of Terranova Defense Solutions. Terranova Defense offers extensive global resources and defense tools into cybersecurity, aerospace and space digital defense, digital communications, intelligence, and in strategic operations. Terranova Defense Solutions is the lead partner of the Terranova Defense Group, that operates in 21 NATO-friendly countries, originally founded in 2014. Terranova Defense’s Cyber Division, Terranova Cyber Solutions, integrates the worlds top technologies and talent in post-quantum, blockchain security, digital cyber defense, and in securing data and business services.

James Castle is the President and Co-Founder of CSR5 Global Incorporated, a Canadian for-profit organization. CSR5 GLOBAL offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that integrates advanced protection and rapid recovery to ensure your small to medium-sized business remains resilient and successful in the face of evolving cyber threats using proactive protection and rapid recovery. CSR5 GLOBAL provides all the expertise, support and services that makes CSR5 technologies possible.

James Castle has been a Canadian Ambassador to the EU Commission for a global Think Tank called Drone Think Do for over ten years, located in Belgium that represents over 30,000 high-profile tech and defense companies from 64 countries globally.