CSGA Corporate Biography's

Name: Phillip Bidinoff

Chief Policies Officer

CSGA Business Profile
Phillip Bidinoff is a dedicated technical artisan who strives for perfection in every aspect of his work. Drawing inspiration from his rural British Columbia roots, where the health of the land is vital for successful harvests, Phillip embodies a commitment to excellence that manifests in the stability and security he provides to each client.

As an IT Lead Auditor (ISO 27001:2013), Phillip Bidinoff combines his deep understanding of technology with his rural background to tackle complex cybersecurity challenges. His most significant achievement has been developing a methodology to measure security through IT auditing. This innovative approach led to the creation of EDDi, the first automated IT security auditing platform. EDDi effectively measures essential IT auditing controls that many companies often overlook, thereby mitigating opportunities for cyber breaches.

Phillip Bidinoff's passion for technical excellence and his meticulous nature make him a valuable asset in the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of today's digital world.