CSGA Corporate Biography's

Name: Samir Azizi

Director, Artificial Intelligence
CSGA Business Profile
Samir Azizi, MBA, is a seasoned tech professional specializing in AI-driven solutions within the cryptocurrency and fintech sectors. He holds an MBA from California State University, Channel Islands, and a B.A. in Economics and Accounting from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As the co-founder of SmartCloser AI, he helps working professionals seamlessly integrate AI tools to significantly boost their productivity. He is also the President and founder of Parkdalle Intelligence Inc., a leading marketing agency working with clients from the professional sports, web3, iGaming, and precious metals IRA industries. Additionally, Samir co-founded Toronto DAO, focusing on cultivating and retaining tech talent and innovation in Toronto.

His notable past roles include direct customer acquisition at CoinSmart, a cryptocurrency exchange acquired by WonderFi, and managing international customer acquisition at Bitget, another cryptocurrency exchange. Samir's career began with an internship at the United Nations, followed by pivotal roles at The Kavli Foundation, where he improved internal finance software systems. The Kavli Foundation is dedicated to advancing scientific research for the benefit of humanity.

Samir also hosts the Azizi Podcast, featuring interviews and discussions on sports, technology, and entertainment. Fluent in multiple languages, he is passionate about leveraging AI and web3 technologies to shape the future of the workforce and education.