CSGA Corporate Biography's

Name: Yudy Cardona

Chief Information Officer
CSGA Business Profile
Cybersecurity Leader | ISO 27001 Specialist | Project Management Professional

Yudy Cardona is an accomplished security leader with a solid background and deep expertise in networking, cybersecurity, and project management. Known for her exceptional leadership skills, she excels in building and managing cross-functional, multicultural teams. Yudy is passionate about working with people, fostering cohesive teams, sharing knowledge, and coaching individuals to achieve their goals.

Yudy Cardona's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and an Advanced Diploma in Computer Networking from Incca University of Colombia, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Project Management. Yudy Cardona also holds prestigious certifications such as CISSP, CISM, PMP, LA ISO 27001, CDFE, and ITIL.

As an advocate for women in cybersecurity, Yudy Cardona is a key member of the leadership board of the WiCyS Ontario affiliate, where she acts as an event coordinator. She is also an active member of ISC2 and the Toastmaster Liberty Leaders Club.

At Cyber Security Global Alliance, Yudy Cardona holds the position of Chief Information Officer and is part of the board of directors.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Yudy is a lifelong learner who is dedicated to keeping up with the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. Her strengths in active listening, empathy, and transparent communication enable her to build strong, trust-based relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

Core Skills:

1 Cyber Risk Management: 
Expertise in risk identification, assessment, and mitigation using a blend of qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid approaches. I ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of controls.

2. Cybersecurity Governance: Proven track record as an ISO 27001 implementer, auditor, and consultant, enhancing information security management systems for various organizations.

3. Project Management: Skilled in managing projects using both waterfall and agile methodologies, ensuring successful delivery and stakeholder satisfaction.

4. Lifelong Learner: Dedicated to continuous improvement and self-directed learning, staying updated with the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices.

5. Relationship Building: She excels at building and nurturing professional relationships through active listening, empathy, and transparent communication. Her ability to connect with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders fosters a collaborative and trust-based work environment.